Scholarships for International students in France


Being a Master’s student from a middle-class background, I had always looked out for various options to fund my education. I remember a few of my friends had opted for the educational loans, as we were not aware of the scholarships or other funding options that were available. Scholarship is something which can really boost the morale of a student. It greatly relives the student from strain of arranging the funding for education.

Tuition fees in France is considered to be one of the lowest in the when compared to other countries the EU (European Union). When choosing a public institution, needless to say that you either have NIL OR A VERY NOMINAL FEES to be paid. When choosing other private or partially funded institutions, the fees would again be in a range which is comparatively lesser than any similar institution or course offered across Europe. Whichever is the institution you choose you always have various SCHOLARSHIP options provided directly by the Institution or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Let us look in detail about major scholarships that are available for international students in France.


1. Eiffel Scholarship for Excellence:

 This is a scholarship which only the French educational institutions should apply for the international students whom they consider meritorious. The applicants should be less than 30 years. Based on the eligibility, the students are granted either partial or full scholarship on their tuition fees.

2. Eiffel Scholarship:

 This scholarship provides monthly allowance of 1181 Euros for an international student. Apart from this a student is also eligible for other benefits like round trip travel ticket, health insurance and cultural activity. This scholarship usually covers the cost for the entire course period. It can cover internship cost of no more than 25% of the internship period. Masters and PhD students are eligible for this scholarship.

3. Charpak Scholarship(Only for Indian Students)

 Charpak scholarship is given by campus France to international students (Indians Only) who prefer to study in France.  There are 3 categories under which it is provided – Masters, Exchange and Lab. This scholarship provides living and travel expenses. The Lab category provides benefits like social security, student visa and a monthly stipend for 2 months.

4. Ile De France Master Scholarship:

 This is a partial funding scholarship for international students offered by AZle-de-France Demain S Invente Ici. This is open for all Masters courses from a recognised French Institute.

5. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship:

This is a partial funding international scholarship offered by the ACFE for international students. Students pursuing majors in Accounting, Business administration, Finance, Criminal justice of UG, PG and research can avail this scholarship. This is open to students who have chosen a recognised French Institute.

6. Education Future (Only for Indian students)

This scholarship is for Indian students who intend to study Abroad.   This is for eligible students who choose any major across UG and PG. This is a partial funding scholarship. The main intent of this scholarship is to help a student who lack self-fund but has the potential to study abroad. Application for this scholarship can done on the website:

7. UGAM Legrand Scholarship (Only for Indian students)

This is a boon for students who have big dreams about their higher education, but cannot fund themselves. Students who like to pursue their Masters in France and have valid financial documents which shows that they could not fund their education can use this scholarship.

8. Shikhar Thales Scholarship (Only for Indian students)

This scholarship is meant for students who are academically strong and wish to pursue their Masters in Aerospace, Communication, Artificial Intelligence and Control Systems. The student is eligible for 700 € as a monthly stipend along with visa and campus fees waiver.

Since there is a raise in the tuition fees in the year 2019, French Ministry for Foreign Affairs has started funding around 20% for the international students through its embassy. Apart from these scholarships, there are many more scholarships that are directly provided by the institutions and have various other criteria.

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