Top 6 reasons- Ireland as a study destination


Ireland is the only English speaking country in European Union. It is the second largest country in the European continent. It has a normal temperature around 10 degrees Celsius.  If you dream to have world class learning experience in top city which has a rich history at an affordable cost with ample career opportunities, then probably Ireland is your best choice. It is such a poetic place that it is termed as The Emerald Isle. Let’s dive deep to understand why you can choose Ireland as your study destination

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  1.  English Taught Programme:

When you choose a country first thing that pops up in your mind is the language in which the course is taught. Now Ireland is one of the top English-speaking countries which has most of its courses in English. Here you can be more comfortable to interact and cope up with people around.

  1. An Option for All:

Most of the institutions in Ireland are internationally ranked. Ireland is known for its options in Science, Technology, Medicine, Law, Literature, History, Pharma, Finance, Psychology and Language. Their educational system is ranked among the world’s top 20 countries.

  1. Ample Career Opportunities:

Most students choose to study abroad looking at a prospective land that offers a lot of career opportunities. There should be no second thoughts if you choose Ireland. Top IT, Social Media, Pharma and Financial companies are headquartered in Ireland. Few to name are Google, Apple, HP, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pfizer, Accenture etc.

  1. Lower Cost:

When choosing a study destination, you would consider good quality of education while not incurring a huge cost. This is a country where the cost involved will be very nominal. The cost of living also is low when compared to other popular destinations around the world.

  1. Access to all European countries:

Be it an internship or a career option, you can always keep your eyes open wide open with options in the whole of Europe. Also, if you love to travel, still you can use this to explore countries, culture, tradition, people and even food.

  1. Heritage and Culture:

When you study abroad you are given a bonus to understand a foreign culture and heritage. Ireland is known for their rich culture and heritage. Also, more than 40% of the population are under the age of 25 which makes life as a student even better.


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Source: First hand data from students who have studied in Ireland

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