10 Facts to consider France as a Study Destination

Education is the key to determine one’s future. Confusion arises while choosing a Major in Graduation or Post-Graduation. The next set of challenges are encountered while selecting a College/University. If a student has understood the benefits of studying abroad, then a new challenge arises while choosing a country.

Let’s put together few facts which on choosing France as your study destination would be an excellent decision. Number of international students studying in France is more than 3,00,000. A notable point is that France has produced the highest number of Nobel price winners.


1. One of the most student friendly countries:

When it comes to studying abroad, the first thing to consider is how student friendly a chosen country is. There is no second thought when the country is France. The reason I say so is because the French government strives hard to make the study, stay, health and post stay options for international students as easy as possible.

2. France is the 4th popular destination for international students.

There is a strong reason why many people choose France as their study destination. While in France apart from studies, you can also enjoy various other options like culture, cuisine, people etc. Students who majorly come to Europe are from China, India, Africa and so on. One important fact here is that France is also a leading study destination among the European countries.

3.IELTS / GRE Waiver:

Coming to the selection process, students find it challenging while the criteria of scoring in IELTS/GRE for a country or an institution is set high. Not all students satisfy the criteria to reach to their dream destination. Most French institutions provide a waiver on the English language, GRE, GMAT and other tests. Instead an interview is scheduled directly by the institution, to check the suitability of the student for the chosen course and college (be rest assured that there is NO compromise on quality). This might vary based on the course and institution the student has chosen. This is one of the top reasons why students put France at top of their list.

4. Various options of Institutions:

In France, students can look into various options like public funded, Grand-Ecole, Schools of Specialization and Business Schools. It again depends on the student on what major you wish to choose. As France is known for the quality of education, you can be rest assured that you would get the best experience from any of these options.

5. Financial benefits for international students:

 Tuition fees in France is considered to be one of the lowest in the when compared to other countries. When choosing a public institution, needless to say that you either have NIL OR A VERY NOMINAL FEES to be paid. When choosing other private or partially funded institutions, the fees would again be in a range which is comparatively lesser than any similar institution or course offered across Europe. Whichever is the institution you choose you always have various SCHOLARSHIP options provided directly by the Institution or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6. Housing Allowance to international students:

 One of the major costs involved apart from the tuition fees for an international student would be the accommodation. French government has stepped-in and has provided one of the attractive housing allowance benefits for any student holding a valid Resident Permit. Though the amount varies based on the place you choose to stay, you might be eligible to RECEIVE UP TO 40% OF YOUR HOUSING COST.

7. Additional Benefits from the French government:

 Most International students can avail benefits / discounts while travelling, shopping and using healthcare. Apart from this you can avail various grants when you use municipal sports centers like swimming pools, ice rinks etc. This will be a huge cost cutting for those students who might majorly rely on loans from their motherland. This is a boon for students who are socially/physically active.  THIS WOULD BE THE COOLEST BENEFITS WITHOUT BURNING A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET.

 8. Work while you study:

As a student friendly country, most institutions have their timings set up in such a way that might encourage a student to take up his desired internship/hobby/job in their spare time. There are no conditions attached if you are taking up a hobby as an international student. You are eligible for 964 work hours a year which is 20 hrs a week.


9. Paid Internships:

Most institutions either directly or indirectly encourage their students to take up an internship. Internship is something that a student should start considering at the time when he has received an offer from the institution. Professors and placement staff from the institution would also assist the students to land an internship. GOOD THING ABOUT THIS IS MOST INTERNSHIPS ARE PAID FOR. DOING INTERNSHIP IN RELEVANT FIELD SHOWS THE EMPLOYER THAT YOU ARE READY FOR AN EMPLOYMENT.

 10.Ease of getting student Visa:

You have completed the admission process. Now comes the real challenge. Most countries like the USA, the UK or Canada have strict visa policies. But with France if your financial, educational and accommodation documents are clear. You might LAND UP WITH A VISA WITHIN 15 DAYS.


Bonus for Indian Students:


The French government has signed a Cooperation agreement with India which guarantees a mutual recognition of degrees among the countries. The mutual recognition will enable the students to advance their studies in French and Indian educational system. It intends to promote mobility of students between these countries.

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Source: First hand data from students who have studied in France


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