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Top 10 courses to Study in USA

Top 10 courses to Study in USA The United States of America (USA) is the land of opportunities. Many International students have found their calling and have succeeded in their endeavours in the USA. This is the place where many cutting edge technologies are being piloted, adopted and made into success stories. Here students are […]

Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language

Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language Language is not just a tool for communication it is a reflection of a culture. Since the time immemorial humans have travelled wide and far. With the travel comes the need to learn a new language. That would be sell their products, socialize with the locals, get to know […]

Top 7 interesting Facts about Ireland

Top 7 interesting Facts about Ireland If I am blessed with two boons education and career in an English-speaking country or education and career in non-English speaking country, I would perfectly choose an English-speaking country for two reasons. I am extremely confident about my language proficiency. Second a known devil is better than unknown angel😊 […]

IELTS Indicator Vs Duolingo English Test – Who wins?

Duolingo English Test Vs IELTS Indicator – Who wins? As mentioned in my earlier post, one of the main pre requisites to study abroad is to take an English proficiency test for international students. Given the current situation of the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic our paramount importance is to Stay Home and Stay Safe as much as […]

Germany as a study destination

In recent days there is a new shift in student’s preference in choosing the study destination. The shift is sliding towards Europe. In Europe its Germany is leading in terms of becoming a study destination for the past 5+  years. There are a few questions when it comes to Germany like why do students choose […]

Top 6 reasons- Ireland as a study destination

  Ireland is the only English speaking country in European Union. It is the second largest country in the European continent. It has a normal temperature around 10 degrees Celsius.  If you dream to have world class learning experience in top city which has a rich history at an affordable cost with ample career opportunities, […]

7 Facts – Why study abroad

“Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.” Tony Robbins.   As the saying goes life is filled with opportunities. It is up to us to see it as a ladder which can help us climb the stairs of success or leave it behind […]