Covid-19 – Impact on plans of studying abroad

A blessing in Disguise”. This is what I would describe the current pandemic Covid-19.

We frown and moan for everything that happens around us. Either GOOD or BAD. But when we start seeing the positive side of any situation, there comes the real paradise on Earth (From my personal experience). Being a director of educational consultant, I have heard both positive and negative reviews about the impact of Covid-19 on the student’s plan of studying abroad.


In the survey conducted by Shankha Global Consultants 64% of the students have not changed their mind about their plans. 32% Chose to defer their plan for the next spring or fall intake and 4% were confused.

This is a really good part about students. It shows how passionate and ambitious our Indian students are. But this ratio varies among counties.

What to expect?

This situation is faced by the whole world. Now Across Globe universities have started to look out for alternate ways to continue the intakes as planned. Few countries have already proposed to continue their intake though online sessions for Fall 2020.

Should we fear for the impact of Covid -19?

Don’t Fear change. Embrace it”. Do you think this is just a saying? No! Life – progresses only when you change. It is easy to say, but hard to follow only if not explained clearly. The queries arising in student’s mind is obvious. The uncertainty that arises during a pandemic. But looking into the previous history of Pandemics like Flu and Cholera have all shown a V shaped movement in terms of economy post pandemic. So, we all can be positive about the opportunity that Covid -19 would bring around the world.

How to be Prepared?

If you are confident about your skills, if you have a clear passion or goal, if you believe you can survive, come what may, NO second thoughts, Go with your flow. If you are still confused or want to push for next intake, kindly check with an expert on the possible options before doing so.

If you choose to go with the flow, then things you can better be prepared for are as below

  • Initial online sessions
  • Hygienic measures taken by the institution
  • Changes in Visa rules
  • Changes in Work permit
  • Fixes in the eligibility criteria in a particular countries’ job market
  • Network with people to understand the real situation


Note:  As a HR, Educational Consultant and a passionate Psychologist, I would say use this time to build your profile to reach your goal

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